On behalf of the AAF District 14 Board of Directors, we’d like to sincerely congratulate the ADDY winners from across the region!

Every year our judges receive the best entries that place Gold at the local level of the American Advertising Award competition –  from Reno, Sacramento, Fresno, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. District judging is the second leg of the competition, with the national part being the last.

Those of you who placed Silver or Gold at the District level should be incredibly proud of your achievements as the District level is much more challenging to judge than the local, as these entries are truly the creme of the crop! After the judging was completed, gold winners were automatically forwarded to AAF National for the final part of the competition (good luck!).

Below are the Gold & Silver winners for this year’s competition. Congratulations to everyone! Certificates are in process, and if you would like to upgrade to a trophy, you can do so here.

If you have any questions, please reach out to AAF District 14 Governor, Kurt Thigpen.

Professional Awards

Gold ADDY Winners

  • Design on Edge, Poster Campaign, “Pops on the River”
  • Design on Edge, Illustration Series, “Pops on the River”
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Local TV Commercial Campaign, “You’re Involved”
  • Logitech, Cinematography—Single, Logitech G – “There’s Levels to Play”
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Out-Of-Home Installation, “The Dream Tapestry”
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National – Consumer, “Hands-free”
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Mobile Interaction, “The Dream Tapestry”
  • VSP, Integrated Media Corporate Social Responsibility Campaign, “Honoring Dr. Poston”

Silver ADDY Winners

  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Specialty Advertising – Apparel, “What if They Were Black?”
  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Art Direction—Single, “Fuel What’s Next”
  • Logitech, Internet Commercial, “Logitech G – Play Ridiculously”
  • Logitech, Internet Commercial, “Logitech G – There’s Levels to Play”
  • Noble Studios, Logo Design, “Imagine Co. Logo”
  • Noble Studios, Integrated Advertising Campaign – Regional/National – Consumer, “Visit Lake Tahoe Campaign”
  • Three Sticks Productions, Corporate Social Responsibility Film, Video & Sound, “Enel – Second Life”
  • Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (Reno Tahoe), Film/Video/Sound Branded Content, More Than :60 Seconds, “The Desert is my Canvas”
  • KPS3, Public Service Campaign, “Faces of Recovery Campaign”
  • Logitech, Animation, Special Effects or Motion Graphics, “Logitech G – Perfectly Fit To Play”
  • Logitech, Internet Commercial, “Logitech G – New Age of Play”
  • MEZA, Internet Commercial, “Tioga Sequoia Half Dome Commercial”
  • 3fold Communications, Social Media Campaign, “County of Sacramento”
  • VSP, Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, “Corporate Band Launch”


Student Awards

Gold ADDY Winners

  • Alicia Benitez, Packaging, “Smile Delivery Packaging”
  • Alicia Benitez, Copywriting, “Smile Packaging & Ads”
  • Alicia Benitez, Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, “Smile Brand Identity”
  • Alicia Benitez, Direct Marketing, “Smile Promo”
  • Lizette Pineda-Moreno, Integrated Advertising Campaign, “Ramen Food Festival Visual Identity”
  • Eliza Gabito, Magazine Advertising Campaign, “Rebel Clothing”
  • Eliza Gabito, Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, “Rebel Clothing”
  • Nayeli Flores, Packaging, “Botanic Freeze Ice Cream Packaging”

Silver ADDY Winners

  • Spencer Ellison, Illustration – Campaign, “California State Parks”
  • Lindsey Vasquez Montes De Oca, Packaging, “Package Design”
  • Alicia Benitez, Packaging, “Botanic Freeze Packaging”
  • Nou Xiong, Animation or Special Effects, “Title Sequence – The Empty Pot”
  • Eliza Gabito, Logo Design, “Select Harvest”
  • Carly Vagim, TV Advertising – Single, “Chaparral Gardens”
  • Lizette Pineda-Moreno, Packaging, “La Flor de California”
  • Jason Clausen, Illustration – Single, “Holding the Fate of Women’s Rights”
  • Sela Bloodgood, Packaging, “Botanic Freeze Packaging”
  • Eliza Gabito, Packaging, “Botanic Freeze Ice Cream”
  • Isabella Chuecos, Integrated Brand Identity Campaign, “Sunset Fest 2023”
  • Isabella Chuecos, Digital Publications, “Promoting Davis”